Rei Matsuda

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   2023年6月12日初版発行 →アマゾンでの購入はこちら

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This is a photo book. The city is there. people are in the picture. The car, the trees, the walls of the building, the reflection of light, the water droplets, the empty sky, the lively voice, the breath, the rusty door, the old window, the seasonless wind... It is reflected. The city was alive and dead. People are there and not there. Ahead of the deformed line of sight, fragments of a familiar scene, neither cold nor warm, are superimposed. In his photographic expression, there is no trace of existing aesthetics, conceptual, abstract, or installation. No intention to see or be seen. No idiosyncratic style, no special gimmicks or approaches, no story. Not etheric, not astral, not mental. A photograph collection that questions the roots of existence, with pictures of cities that are neither ordinary nor extraordinary, taken from angles that are neither disorderly nor orderly.


Rei Matsuda: Urban photographer and historical culture researcher who was born in the new human generation. As a backpacker, he wandered around the world for a long time and acquired a world view inspired by various ethnic cultures. From his unique point of view, he presents his original photographic works that capture the unique momentary city space glimpsed in the everyday world. At the same time, he is deepening his knowledge of the culture and history that was introduced from India to China and then to Japan, and is searching for ways to extend his research results not only to Japan but also to Western countries.

松田 礼(まつだ れい):1958年生まれの都市写真家にして歴史文化研究家。バックパッカーとして世界中を長期にくまなく放浪し、さまざまな民族文化に触発された経験による世界観を獲得。そのユニークな視点から、日常世界に垣間見える二つとない瞬時の街空間を捉えた独自の写真作品を発表。傍ら、インドから中国、そして日本に伝来した文化と歴史への造詣を深め、その研究成果を日本はもちろん西欧諸国にまで敷衍する方法を模索している。